Day: Tuesday, 6 September 2011
Time: 08:30 - 18:00
Site: Morning: Room Chicago, Exhibition Entrance Central, 3rd floor
Room Osaka, Exhibition Entrance Central, 2nd floor (Silicon Session) and
Room St. Petersburg, Exhibition Entrance Central, 2nd floor (Thin Film Session)
Access: With valid registration for the 26th EU PVSEC Conference
Special One Day Admission for EU PVSEC Parallel Events
for Tuesday, 6 September

 Download PV Production Forum Conference Brochure pdf

This forum addresses best practices and case studies that can assist PV production management, purchasing staff, and product managers how to increase throughput, efficiency, and save money in their production fabs.

The Forum will feature presentations arranged around several focal topics including silicon and thin film production, which will be led by IPVEA members and other industry experts. The PV Production Forum 2011 will provide an essential opportunity for networking across all segments of the PV value chain along with informing its participants about the changing dynamics, technologies and developments in the PV manufacturing supply chain.

The PV Production Forum 2011 is jointly organized by EU PVSEC and IPVEA - International PV Equipment Association during the 26th EU PVSEC.


Sponsor of the PV Production Forum 2011



Programme Outline

Market Session

08:30-11:45 Room Chicago, Exhibition Entrance Central, 3rd floor


  • Status of the Global Equipment and Materials Market for PV Factories in the World  PDF Download
    John West, President, VLSI Research



  • Reducing Manufacturing Cost/Wp through Smart and Forward-thinking Factory Planning, Design & Construction  Download pdf
    Helfried Weinzerl, Business Development Manager Solar PV, CH2M HILL

10:15-10:30 BREAK



  • Integrated PV Value Chain – A Smarter Approach to Success!  PDF Download
    Christian Seider, Solar Industry Leader Europe, IBM Sales and Consulting

11:45-13:30 LUNCH BREAK

Silicon Session   
13:30-18:00    Room Osaka, Exhibition Entrance Central, 2nd floor

  • 13:30-14:00
    Considerations about the Return on Investment (ROI) for Online Analyzers in the Polysilicon Production, PDF Download

    Dr. Akbar Tellenbach, Product Marketing, Siemens

  • 14:00-14:30
    Optimized Handling and Automation in Wafer and Cell Mass Manufacturing
    , PDF Download
    Dr. Roland Wertz, Group Leader, Fraunhofer IPA

  • 14:30-15:00
    Novel Structuring Solution for Solar Cells via Etching Paste Deposited in a Dispensing Process
    , PDF Download
    Dr. Andreas Reischl, Product Manager PV, SCHILLER AUTOMATION

15:00-15:15 BREAK

  • 15:15-15:45
    Fully Integrated Tracking in the PV Industry
    Sylvère Leu, Chief Innovation Officer, Meyer Burger Technology

  • 15:45-16:15
    Latest Flexible Automation versus Manual Work in Mass Production of Cell- and Modules
    , PDF Download
    Carsten Busch, Head of Solar PV, ABB Automation

  • 16:15-16:45
    Modeling to Determine the Most Favourable Soldering Parameters in Respect to Cell Efficiency
    , PDF Download
    Joachim Ufheil, Process Technology Specialist, Somont

16:45-17:00 BREAK

  • 17:00-17:30
    Solar Cell Conductive Film (SCF): A New Connecting Material between Ribbon and Solar Cells
    , PDF Download
    Arnout Peters, Product Manager, Sony Chemicals Europe

  • 17:30-18:00
    High Quality Modules Production with 100% In-Line Testing
    , PDF Download
    Jean Revel, R&D Engineer, Komax Solar

Thin Film Session 
13:30-18:00    Room St. Petersburg, Exhibition Entrance Central, 2nd floor

  • 13:30-14:00
    Deposition of Backside Passivation Layers in Mass Production

    Dr. Silvia Roth, Vice President Marketing / Investor Relations, Authorised Officer, Roth & Rau

  • 14:00-14:30
    Vertical Integration – Benefits and Limitations
      PDF Download
    Klaus Eberhardt, Technology Manager PV, M+W Germany

  • 14:30-15:00
    Advanced Equipment for Thin Film PV Coatings on Glass
    PDF Download
    Jörg Hahn, Manager Sales & Marketing Solar Division, Leybold Optics

15:00-15:15 BREAK

16:45-17:00 BREAK

  • 17:00-17:30
    Efficiency Improvements and Shorter Return on Invest on Thin Film PV Modules
      PDF Download
    Thomas Umschlag, Head of sales clean room systems, Manz

  • 17:30-18:00
    In-line Monitoring of Layer Thickness and Composition of CIGS and CdTe Thin Film Layers
      PDF Download
    Steffen Uredat, R&D Department, LayTec in-line