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OTB Solar and Trident Join Forces to Bring Cutting Edge Inkjet Printing Technology to Solar Applications

November 30, 2009

Eindhoven, NL- November 30th 2009- OTB Solar and Trident Solar today announce a partnership for bringing innovative, cost-saving inkjet technologies to the solar market. As part of this collaboration, Trident’s proprietary 256Jet-S™ inkjet printhead will be integrated into OTB Solar’s PixDro™ open architecture inkjet platforms – including the LP50™ research and development tool and the Elements™ pilot or full production system.


The innovative Trident inkjet printhead combined with OTB Solar´s specialty software allows the enhanced LP50 and Elements systems to provide the most cost-effective and precise deposition of jettable materials available for solar applications.


"This collaboration brings together one of the leading printhead suppliers with a best in class inkjet printing technology platform,” explains Dr. Paul Breddels, CEO of OTB Solar and Steve Liker, Business Manager at Trident.


Trident’s inkjet printhead features stainless steel construction and a unique repairable design – that allows the nozzle plate to be disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled. The inertness of the 256Jet-S printhead enables jetting of the more aggressive solar processing fluids such as phosphorous dopants and alkaline etchant. These features allow the 256Jet-S printhead to last up to 8 times longer than alternative inkjet printheads.


The unique open architecture of OTB Solar´s product line allows for more cost-effective development and production of solar cell technologies. The open architecture provides customers with enhanced flexibility in the production of solar cell technologies with different manufacturing requirements and allows for a variety of printhead and laser applications to be integrated.


OTB Solar currently offers two inkjet printing solutions for the solar market. The LP50 is an advanced research and development tool used for trials in the development of inkjet materials, processes and applications. The Element is flexible inkjet printing system that allows for easy scaling from application development on a LP50 into a pilot scale or full production. The tool can handle product sizes of 5, 6 and 8 inches and has a throughput of up to 1500 wafers/hr.


OTB Solar will be featuring their newly extended line of inkjet solar products at booth 49 of the IDTechEx Photovoltaics USA 2009 event held from December 1-4, 2009 in San Jose, California.



About OTB Solar
OTB Solar BV is a privately held company, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands,  that frequently introduces novel equipment designs and applications. This enables OTB Solar to contribute to continuous reductions in the cost per watt of Solar PV energy production. 


The Company's product portfolio currently consists of the world’s only fully automated in-line turnkey production solutions, high throughput PECVD modules with a small footprint and a high accuracy screenprinter. OTB Solar builds on a 20 year long successful equipment development track record. The Company's history of innovation has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, which awarded OTB with the ‘Technology Pioneer Award’ on four occasions.


The Company has a customer oriented global organization with sales and support locations in the US, Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, and India. OTB has about 200 employees worldwide.


For more information, please visit or contact:
Chris Boomaars, Director Marketing & Sales, OTB Solar
Phone: +31 (0) 40 2581 581  Fax: +31 (0) 40 2509 855

About Trident Solar
Trident Solar, is a division of Trident an Illinois Tools Works (ITW) company that is a global leader in industrial inkjet printhead and ink production. Trident Solar is dedicated exclusively to the design and production of durable, efficient inkjet technologies for photovoltaic applications.


Trident industrial inkjet has been a leading provider of industrial piezoelectric inkjet printheads and inks for more than 25 years.  The durable, stainless steel construction of Trident printheads makes them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including photovoltaic, printable electronic, and display technologies. Trident has expert knowledge in how to design inkjet printheads and optimize ink jettable materials and fluids in order to maximize performance and reliability.


For more information visit  or contact:
In North and South America: Steve Liker, Business Manager, Trident
Email: -- Phone: +1.203.740.9333 ext. 3037

In Europe:  Des O’Neill, European Sales Manager at Trident Europe
Email: -- Phone: +353.1.8014004

In Asia: Kay Chino, Asia Sales Manager at Trident Asia
Email: -- Phone: +

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Alicia A. Colligan
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High Resolution (300dpi) Photography :
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Caption:  Trident’s proprietary 256Jet-S™ inkjet printhead has been integrated into OTB Solar’s PixDro™ open architecture inkjet platforms allowing the enhanced LP50 and Elements systems to provide the most cost-effective and precise deposition of jettable materials available for solar applications.